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How To Become An Active User Of The System:


There are two paths to registration:

  1. Your Broker Dealer may have registered you through an automated process. If they issued you with a User ID and Password, you can use it to log in.
  2. Otherwise, you will have received a "FI Temporary Password" supplied by the Broker/Dealer. If this is what you have, proceed to the steps below.

Steps to Complete Registration:

Initial Registration Page (appears at left):

  1. Type in your Social Security Number without dashes (for example, 111223333).
  2. Type in your FI Temporary Password/Authorization.
  3. When completed, select the Next button.

User Agreement.

  1. Read the User Agreement: and if acceptable select the Accept button.

Registration Form:

  1. On this form, all fields marked with a asterisk (*) are required and must be entered. Please note, enter this information with care, as the information you enter at this point will carry to your performance reports.
    1. Enter a unique User Name and Password for your Account.
      • The User Name must be between 6 and 20 characters.
      • The User Name cannot contain the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
      • The Password cannot be the same as the FI Temporary Password. It must contain a minimum of 6 characters.

      Later, if you change your password from your Profile page after you log in, the new one must be different from your current password, and from your previous five (5) passwords.

    2. Select a Name Prefix from the Dropdown list.
    3. Enter your Last, First Name and Middle Initial as you wish it to be displayed.
    4. Enter your telephone and fax contact numbers.
    5. Enter your email address. Do not enter spaces. Your email address is an important means of automatic and direct contact. Ensure that it is correct and operational.
    6. Enter your Address including State from the Dropdown Box.
    7. Enter your Date of Birth.
    8. Enter your Business Name (or Doing Business As name), and if applicable, the RIA or IAR name.
    1. When completed, select the Next button to continue.
      1. A Registration Confirmation message acknowledging your successful registration will display. Select OK.
      2. Your status as a user of the system is now "Pending".

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